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ROI Financial works to change for the better the relationship between people and their money. Empowering our clients through strategic mentoring, clear guidance, and insightful advice. Money is a tool that should be used to build wealth, freedom, and increase quality of life. ROI Financial is collectively committed to your financial success.

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Helping Our Clients Grow Their Business Through A Structured, Positive And Professional Referral Program That Enables Them To Develop Meaningful Long-Term Relationships.
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Assisting Our Clients As They Navigate Changing Lanes And Looking To The Future.
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ROI Financial is dedicated to providing investment management and strategic wealth planning to each and every client. Simply put, we strive to be our client’s trusted advisor by helping everyone reach financial freedom.

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Lance J. Johnson

CEO | Investment Advisor Representative

Trevor Bruno

Investment Advisor Representative

Carlos Donat

Financial Analyst

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Working Together to Help Create

The ROI Financial Team works with our clients to serve as resources during the financial planning process. We believe our partnership should last a lifetime.

ROI Financial takes pride in building the definition of the term ROI. “Return on investment” is our primary focus for all our clients.

Our philosophy is founded within the simple premise of: “How can we help clients get back to the basics in building wealth?”

We realize in today’s climate that time is the biggest commodity we all have. Our offices are designed with the client’s needs in mind to help maximize the use of time.