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Episode 68 Transcript

Winslow 2 of 3

Adrian Schermer   00:02

Hello future millionaires and welcome back to the get rich slow podcast we are your hosts, Adrian Schermer, Rob Delavan and a surprise switch Ashley Whaley subbing in for Lance Johnson this morning. Good morning.

Robert Delavan   00:14

Good morning

Ashley Whaley   00:16

Good morning

Adrian Schermer   00:17

Awesome, you guys can listen to us on Apple podcast, Spotify, audible Amazon music, watch us on YouTube and listen on Stitcher, among other streaming services. Today we’ve got our special guest, Cathy Winslow back for part two of three, talking to her about her life for business and Globe Life Family Insurance, it is with Globe Life, family heritage division, specifically, we want to learn more about the positive impact that you’re making in the community. Morning, Cathy,

Cathy Winslow   00:48

Good morning.

Robert Delavan   00:49

Morning, Cathy. Glad to have you back

Adrian Schermer   00:52

Lovely picture of you here for our video audience and yeah, excited to dig in here

Ashley Whaley   01:00

I love these book recommendations and thank you for highlighting your last book, this book I’ve never read this one, and can you give us a snapshot of heaviness for real by Todd Burpo.

Cathy Winslow   01:13

So I know it’s real some of my books, they’re just really simple messages. But I’ll go into it more later about why I like this type of story. But this is about a little boy, I think it was three or maybe four and I can’t remember right now how he ended up in the hospital. I think it was appendicitis or something. Anyway, something went wrong and he actually died for a little bit. I can’t remember even how much time, I’ve read so many of these types of stories but yeah, so coming from a little kid. His parents were amazed at stuff that he wouldn’t have known. Otherwise, like his mom had a miscarriage and he’s like, yeah, I met someone so the girl, but one that she miscarried and they’re like what, you know, so it just kind of makes you wonder what happens, you know when…

Robert Delavan   02:16

It sounds like very edifying or uplifting, I should say.

Cathy Winslow   02:23

Yeah, absolutely

Ashley Whaley   02:26

There’s a movie called happiness for real.

Cathy Winslow   02:29

It’s based on this book

Ashley Whaley   02:32

Yeah, have to read this one.

Robert Delavan   02:33

Well, we’ll have to add it to the list here. So thank you for sharing that. Okay, so question one for you today, Cathy, is tell us about your business and what makes you so passionate about it?

Cathy Winslow   02:50

Well, Globe Life Family Heritage division, it’s a supplemental insurance company. I never thought in a million years, I get into insurance but because of my background and what happened to me personally, this is the thing that I need to be doing. What they do is they have four different types of policies. They have cancer insurance, accidental injury, heart attack stroke and ICU and it’s the cancer insurance that I bought personally, when I heard someone had asked me I was talking about, I lost my husband to pancreatic cancer. My mom was had ovarian cancer, my dad had lung cancer, they both passed away from cancer. So there’s a lot of cancer in my family and having that experience of losing my husband, I always thought what can I do to help give back and so like I said, I bought the insurance, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as cancer insurance and so after buying it and after fears of having it, my agent called me and he said, I was looking for good people and I had been in sales for years and the more I thought about I thought, this is something I need to do because this company is incredible. Their products are incredible and so I got my insurance license and got finally, at the end of 2020, I joined the company and I’m actually an independent contractor, all of us are a bit so it’s my own business, but I exclusively represent them.

Robert Delavan   04:25

And the closest thing just for our audience that people often compare your product and service to is kind of like the Aflac like the supplemental and this isn’t like primary health insurance and it’s not necessarily life insurance. Well, it’s not life insurance. It’s if you get cancer, if you’re in the ICU, if you have the different coverage accident. There’s a fourth one, I missed it heart attack, if these things happen to You they pay you, as you’re down and out, basically and not working and going through all the things from a care standpoint, am I summarizing this correct?

Cathy Winslow   05:13

Pretty close, yeah, so we are in the same space as Aflac, like you mentioned, there’s some key differences, which I’ll go into in a little while and so yeah, what we do is, the major medical insurance that we have, pays the doctors and the hospitals and as we all know, we have co-payments we have deductibles, what we do is we pay cash directly to people, to our policyholders when something happens. So the cash amounts are associated or attached, certain amounts are in the form of benefits are attached to whatever type of procedure you’re having and then the money all adds up onto each other. So that’s what we do is we pay people to help them and it’s cash. So you can use the cash for everyone.

Robert Delavan   06:03

So for a hospital stay, it’s very typical to get you know, every day you’re in the hospital to to a surgery or cancer, whatever it is, you get paid every day above and beyond this has nothing to do with medical insurance. But it covers all of those expenses above and beyond like travel and different things…

Cathy Winslow   06:22

So cancer and heart policies have an incredible travel benefit. It’s pretty awesome.

Robert Delavan   06:29

So if you end up at the Mayo Clinic, in Minnesota so if you end up up there you have to travel back and forth. There are expenses, all of those things. So above and beyond, your health insurance covers, it covers the actual doctor, but nothing else.

Cathy Winslow   06:51

Yeah and since we’d have nothing to do with any other insurance you own. So even if your insurance covers something 100% And you have one of our policies, we still pay, if you turn in the receipt of or the itemised bill of what was done, we will pay you too, so there and a lot of benefits have no limitations, meaning that you can reuse it if you have to.

Robert Delavan   07:17

Well, let’s continue exploring this.

Ashley Whaley   07:20

There’s actually quite a few Mayo clinic’s now. I just was curious. I was like, wait, I grew up in Minnesota and I was like, wait, I think it’s Rochester and it is Rochester, Minnesota. But there’s one in Scottsdale, Phoenix and Jacksonville, Florida.

Robert Delavan   07:40

All the retirement areas, huh?

Ashley Whaley   07:43

That’s according to Google, anyway.

Cathy Winslow   07:45

Awesome, that’s good to know.

Robert Delavan   07:47

There you go, so I mean, if you’re travelling to something that’s a specialty treatment there’s just a few expenses, they don’t they don’t give out hotels next to hospitals for free, do they, last time I checked?

Cathy Winslow   08:02

And that’s what our travel benefit allows people to do is get the best treatment possible to increase your chance of survival versus just going to wherever you can afford the local hospital. So yeah, it’s pretty incredible.

Adrian Schermer   08:17

Okay, Cathy, what would you say sets you apart from your competition?

Cathy Winslow   08:26

Well, there are a couple things. The biggest thing is that we out of any other supplement or at least supplemental company, supplemental health insurance company out there which too many competitors. But we are the only ones in the country who gives you back all of your premium if you don’t use it, all the premiums you paid if you don’t use it and even if you do make a few claims, as long as the total premiums paid is more than the total claims received, we still give you a cheque for that difference back.

Robert Delavan   08:57

What’s that timeframe on that?

Cathy Winslow   08:59

25 years

Robert Delavan   09:02

So get it young, get it at 25 and by 50 you get a nice treat, right?

Cathy Winslow   09:10

And even if whoever if you have two adults on the policy, even if you both pass away before the 25 years, that money doesn’t go away, it goes to your beneficiary. So I think of it like you get paid whether you use it or not.

Robert Delavan   09:30

What else, anything else that sets either you personally or the globe life family heritage policies apart?

Cathy Winslow   09:41

So the other thing is that we have customer service that is second to none, they have won awards. When you call into our customer service department, you actually get a live person, which is so rare these days and they’re based in the United States for what that’s worth. So you might be on hold for a minute or two, but you actually get a live person.

Robert Delavan   10:04

Just as a testimonial that you didn’t know about that I recently changed my address because I moved and I think I was on hold for five seconds and I was off the phone within like, two minutes and it sounded like somebody that was just next door to me so yeah, it was crazy.

Cathy Winslow   10:25

And our claims I’m hearing, I can’t promise that oh, you make a claim and you you’ll get your benefits, your money quickly. But I hear that over and over again. We have testimonials coming in all the time and one of them said, it was a farming accident recently, her husband was severely injured in a farming accident and they had an accident client accident policy, made the claim. She said, I cannot believe we got our money, we got our cash within 10 days and they were paid over $87,000.

Ashley Whaley   10:58

Oh my gosh

Cathy Winslow   11:00

I know, we have had these big claims lately. It’s like, wow, we do pay a lot, pretty amazing.

Robert Delavan   11:08

And you’re not the type of person to your own horn, Cathy, I know that. But the way where you are different from your competition, obviously, is the personal passion for this and that’s also incredible. So, I don’t want to minimize that. Yes, the company nationwide, there are lots of salespeople. But not all of them have your story.

Cathy Winslow   11:41

Yeah, that’s one thing that the reason why I do this is because of the fact that I lost my husband to pancreatic cancer and so I know what you go through financially, right? I mean, it took three weeks for them to diagnose and he was in the hospital for three weeks, they assigned a patient care coordinator to me, the hospital did, to help me with the bills because the charges were over $100,000, we had what we thought was really good insurance and of course, that wasn’t our portion, it was a total charges from the hospital. But we still had the 20%, you know and then he was in and out of the hospital after that full time. He lived for four and a half months after he was diagnosed and I was on the phone constantly with the hospital trying to figure out the bills and it’s just incredible.

Robert Delavan   12:36

At three to six months pregnant with a little one at home.

Cathy Winslow   12:40

Yeah, I was six months pregnant when he passed away.

Ashley Whaley   12:44

You’re a warrior.

Cathy Winslow   12:47

You do what you got to do, right? I didn’t think I’d be able to get through it but I did and actually my four year old son kind of helped in a way because it was somebody I could focus on, you know, making sure I had to be strong parameter everything. So yeah, that helped, actually…

Ashley Whaley   13:09

Well, here is our final question of episode two and Cathy, I just have so much peace of mind knowing that myself and my husband and my two girls are covered with your cancer policy. I’m right there with you where there’s so many people that have been in my sphere over my entire lifetime who have experienced cancer and it’s just that added peace of mind of knowing like, okay, we have our health insurance. Well, now we have this extra piece where if we were to experience that, as a family, we would be taking care of financially because everything is so expensive these days and that’s the last thing you want to worry about is being able to cover your bills, where you can just focus on getting healthy. So thank you for taking care of myself and my family, I appreciate you so much. So I love this question, what energizes you and keeps you going?

Cathy Winslow   14:04

So I thought about this one and really, it’s as far as just the work I do, we get so many testimonials every single day and we have our meeting every Wednesday morning a Zoom meeting for our agency, which is I don’t know, I think it’s like 45 or 50 people and someone always reads a testimonial to start off the call, the meeting and the cool thing about the company too is that they’re just it’s a large company, but they really it really feels like we’re working for a small company. They are from the president of the company down to other agents even in other areas we all support each other. The overall theme of the company is not about like so many other big companies I’ve worked for in the past. They’re all about numbers and of course numbers are important, obviously, to get the business going, but they are always focusing on. We need to get out there and protect more families, we need because of the stories we hear, testimonials we get and just the fact that we helped so many people avoid bankruptcy, which is so common nowadays and that’s the number one reason medical bills are the number one reason why people go through, go through bankruptcy or people who have to rely on a GoFundMe campaign, which only goes so far. So we truly help families financially and help them be able to focus on getting better. Versus oh, my gosh, help me to pay my mortgage or my rent or my car payment. So that’s what keeps me going.

Ashley Whaley   15:48

Nice, that’s a big “why” right there and there’s a lot of people in this world and in your community and there’s a lot I mean, just even us here, the four of us, well, the three of us and then the few Cathy, like I think of so many people within our sphere, in our network that we can reach out and just share our own testimonial right of why we have the policy with you and just that peace of mind factor. So that’s it, it’s a huge why.

Cathy Winslow   15:52

Yeah, credible and there are so many young people who are, people in their 20s, even who have been diagnosed with cancer, it’s just I feel like I’m voice of doom when I’m talking about it. But you know, anymore, they’re saying our statistics say three out of four families will have cancer at some point and one out of three men, one out of three women, let’s have a cancer diagnosis at one point in their lives. So, almost 50% of the cancer cases are now coming from the environment so it’s not necessarily having a family history of it.

Adrian Schermer   16:59

Just be more susceptible

Ashley Whaley   17:03

Well, thank you for sharing that statistic as well. I mean, numbers don’t lie, if Lance were here, like he’s all about numbers.

Adrian Schermer   17:15

Cathy where can we find you?

Cathy Winslow   17:16

So you can always email me at, you can call me or text me, that’s probably the quickest way 503-862-6980. My Instagram is @GlobeLifeFHD that stands for family heritage division or Cathy Winslow agent on my Facebook page.

Adrian Schermer   17:44 as well, Globe Life FHD stands for family heritage division, which I think’s real cool title. You can get links in the notes of this episode as well, that will send you over to Cathy’s page, as well as our respective pages Rob and I and our substitute Lance Johnson and yeah, thanks a lot, Cathy. Looking forward to the next episode, where we’ll talk a little bit about where you’re headed for the future, which seems to be the subject of your whole business.

Cathy Winslow   18:15

Thank you, thanks so much, appreciate it.

Adrian Schermer   18:18

Yeah, just in person at our events, is where you can find out what we’ve got coming forward. We’ve got sippin mingles, learning grows, there’s a summer bash and there’s some holiday photos, they’re going to be happening as well. So check out our website for the latest and greatest and all that and thanks for joining us, everyone.

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