Tune in today as Ashley, Rob, and Adrian interview Cathy Winslow. Cathy is an exclusive representative for Globe Life/Family Heritage. She helps protect individuals, families, and small businesses financially when an unexpected health event occurs.

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Instagram: @globelifefhd

Facebook: @cathywinslowagent

Episode 69 Transcript

Winslow 3 of 3

Adrian Schermer   00:02

Hello future millionaires and welcome back to the get rich slow podcast we are your hosts, Adrian Schermer, Rob Delavan and a special treat today Ashley Whaley, subbing in for Lance Johnson. Good morning, everyone.

Robert Delavan   00:13

Good morning.

Ashley Whaley   00:15

Good morning.

Adrian Schermer   00:16

Audience can catch us on Apple podcast, Spotify, audible, Amazon music, Stitcher, you can also view us on YouTube as well as possibly another couple of streaming platforms there. Today our special guest is Cathy Winslow. She’s with Globe Life family heritage division. How’re you doing today, Cathy?

Cathy Winslow   00:35

I’m doing great. How are you guys doing?

Ashley Whaley   00:39

Hey, Cathy

Adrian Schermer   00:41

This is our final episode with Cathy in this three part series. Today we’re gonna learn all about what’s ahead for her and her future with Globe Life, family heritage division.

Ashley Whaley   00:52

All right, another book recommendation, who moved my cheese by Spencer Johnson. I read this book a long time ago. Well, it’s probably been a couple of years. So Cathy, thank you for highlighting this book. Can you give us kind of like a brief synopsis of what this book is about?

Kathy   01:12

Yeah, you’re welcome. Well, I know I read it a long time ago, too. But it sticks out in my mind that it was it was impactful. So basically, it’s just talking about your perception and we can change our perception of a situation and make it work for us versus being the victim. They did that to me instead, when I’m just taking a look at at who’s the common denominator and how about changing my, my reaction to a situation to make it better?

Robert Delavan   01:51

I think I read this, like, early 2000s. It might have even been in school or I don’t know, something like that. But it’s an interesting, it’s super simple and did somebody else do something to me? Oh, man, it’s not where it’s supposed to be? I need to. So this is a fun one, we’ll definitely add this to our collection and thank you for the recommendation, Cathy.

Ashley Whaley   02:18

I think it’s kind of like about how people deal with change too like how you navigate to change.

Adrian Schermer   02:26

It’s interesting, like all of these business and management books, they always apply backwards onto your life. You know, there’s a lot you can glean about just personal relationships. I mean, that’s business, personified. Right, but it’s just interesting at all, it’s just human behavior at the end of the day.

Robert Delavan   02:44

That’s a good one. Okay, so Cathy, question one, who should we be on the lookout for people to connect you with?

Cathy Winslow   02:55

Well, that’s always been a challenge because we literally can cover anyone from zero to 80. So, but what I usually tell people is, they should think about who is closest to them, that’s the first place to look because, I mean, I can go out and talk to small business owners and meet strangers and talk to them and help them but what about my family? What about my close friends? They’re the ones really, who are the most important people, to most of us, the ones that are closest to us, that we really need to let know, just let know that this exists because so many people don’t know. We don’t advertise and so it’s up to us as agents to get the word out to people and have our hopefully, our clients get to heart out as well. So yeah, it’s always good to start with the people you care about the most.

Robert Delavan   03:55

So it’s very referral driven. So as far as your marketing, like, you work with people in your sphere and then end up working with people in your sphere sphere, right?

Cathy Winslow   04:09

Absolutely, that’s what most of us are in cleaning, trying to build our referral based business because otherwise I’m out cold calling on small business owners and you know how that goes usually, but networking, networking groups and stuff that just, it’s all about getting the word out…

Robert Delavan   04:29

So the BNI piece, which we’ve talked about, you know, a fair amount in this podcast and business networking International, which you’re a member here locally and then just are you doing chamber commerce and that sort of thing too or…?

Cathy Winslow   04:47

Yeah, I belong to the Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce, because that’s where I live.

Robert Delavan   04:53

So yeah, you’re out there and you’re sharing your message.

Cathy Winslow   05:00

And what we found and we have a meeting every Wednesday morning and this meeting of all of there’s like, almost 50 agents within our agency within a number of states and the point is, even this morning, the point they were making was all places, what is it that saying all just anywhere you are, this is like lifestyle selling because these agents are talking about being in a restaurant, they striking up a conversation and then they end up protecting that family because you end up asking each other so what do you do and from there, I mean, wow, really? Most people don’t know, there’s such a thing as cancer insurance or Accident Insurance.

Robert Delavan   05:45

Well and then it becomes whatever they experienced in their life, right and usually, it’s a need and like you said, its lifestyle selling. So you’re just if you uncover the need, then you’re serving, not selling so yeah, exactly, pretty powerful.

Adrian Schermer   06:06

Cathy, what are your plans for growth?

Cathy Winslow   06:09

So within the company and I am an world independent contractors, but we exclusively represent the company that they have tons of, we have awesome incentives and things but you have a path where you can just remain an agent and sell sales professional or you can go the route where you’re building an agency of your own and so eventually, I would like to build at least a five person team or maybe more and work towards that goal. So that’s really what I see myself doing in the future is forming my own agency.

Robert Delavan   06:49

Do you have the baby steps already kind of laid out on that or is this a three five year goal or is this a 12 month goal?

Cathy Winslow   06:59

This is more like a three to five year goal because I’m still I’m still building my business on my own; I can recruit people whenever I want and then we have a person who will train but I get, you know, I get some credit for that financial credit a little bit so because our company has continuously been growing, even though last year, the last couple years through the pandemic, lots of companies were struggling; so we’re just continuously growing every year and we need more people, especially in the northwest; we need more agents out here.

Robert Delavan   07:35

At a certain point, you’re saturated in the market, but obviously not even close in the northwest?

Cathy Winslow   07:43

Yeah, but not at all, I mean, we just got a few of us, which is great…

Ashley Whaley   07:48

What would that person looked like that you’d want to have on your team?

Cathy Winslow   07:55

Someone who’s self-motivated, it is a straight commission position and so that scares a lot of people. I know that initially, when I got into sales, I was going to go a different route and then I thought, too risky, okay, I better just work for a company, be an employee. So I have this guaranteed income, but so people who are entrepreneurial and because it’s an incredible financial opportunity for anyone, as long as you have the motivation to get out, put yourself out there and talk to strangers and you know, not afraid to cold call. So yeah, that’s the big thing.

Robert Delavan   08:35

Well, this will be a fun journey to help you on over the next few years.

Ashley Whaley   08:46

So here’s a great question. I’m really glad that you picked this one and I’m excited to hear your answer. So what are the benefits in your line of work for longevity?

Cathy Winslow   08:58

So I took this question, I looked at it in terms of what financial benefits are there in my line of work because when you’re an agent, with family heritage, you have the opportunity, as long as you’re with the company for at least five years, you actually have the opportunity to receive residuals and you have to be fully vested, which is in five years, then you’ll receive the residuals for the next for 25 years, basically. So that’s really, you know, there are some agents who come on board and they’re like, 60 years old and they’re saying, yep, I want to put in my five years, you know, build my business to five years. So I have this retirement I have these residuals coming in, I’m at a certain level so and like I said, anybody who does this can make it what they want to make of it. There are some people that just kind of do it part time and on the side, others who are just done and just really grow their business very quickly and we have people from all walks of life who have decided to do what I’m doing.

Ashley Whaley   10:08

So it’s like a nice passive income, you kind of build it right? Get a nice solid foundation and then especially if you have a team and then you can use it as your retirement plan, that’s awesome.

Robert Delavan   10:21

Like you said, 0 to 80, right? Although, to sell insurance, I would assume you’d have to be 18…

Cathy Winslow   10:29

18 because each state has its own laws and rules but the other thing is, when I said 0 to 80, it’s not like a five year old can buy a policy. So in Oregon, you have to be 18 to actually buy the policy. 18 or older but we can cover our ICU plan that covers the NICU even so…

Robert Delavan   10:50

So I could be 79 years old and just slide under and by the policy for the next 25 years?

Cathy Winslow   10:59

Absolutely [Inaudible 11:02]      

Robert Delavan   11:07

No problem, I’m good and I’ll get my cheque back when I’m 104, party at the retirement village, right?

Cathy Winslow   11:15

Yeah, well, from 66 and there’s set dollar amounts for the return of premium. So yeah, so it depends and we have four levels of coverage. So I never even talked about that. But the best level of coverage. I think it’s like, I’m remembering this so it’s 30 something $1,000. So there’s a cap on if you get the policy when you’re 66 or older. I got my first one at 50 so I’m like, okay, when I’m 75…

Robert Delavan   11:46

Hey, take what you can get. I mean, it sounds like obviously, there’s a longevity here in this industry that you can continue to, you know on the sales side, as you’re building your team, as you’re building your, you know, book of business of clients, so forth, obviously, you work hard now and continue to connect with those folks and you’re going to continue to get that referral machine as long as you’re doing it. Which is pretty cool, not everybody can say that.

Cathy Winslow   12:22

Right and it just feels really good. The bottom line for me is feels so good to be able to protect families, rather than just saying, I just made a sale and move on to the next one. You know, I protect families and I have these clients, as long as they have their policy, you know they have them for the next 25 years.

Robert Delavan   12:41

Well, there’s a level of connection and empathy there that you have based on your incredible experience and story. It’s naturally there and I believe that shows through, it certainly does for me. So, we appreciate just you sharing this concept of there’s folks out there that are doing sales and you know you get a commission, but you’re not selling, I think we talked about in previous episodes, you’re not shoving something that people don’t need down their throat, you’re speaking to a need uncovering that need and fulfilling that through a level of service.

Cathy Winslow   13:28

Yeah, I spend most of my time educating people on what we have and what’s available because people just aren’t aware and I wasn’t aware either until I heard about cancer insurance what you know, so it’s pretty awesome.

Robert Delavan   13:47

I love that you’re so passionate about it.

Cathy Winslow   13:51

Thanks, I try to be.

Adrian Schermer   13:58

Cathy, where can we find you?

Cathy Winslow   14:00

Well, you can email me at seewins2020@gmail.com, for quicker response, you can call or text me at 503-862-6980. My Instagram is @GlobeLifeFHD, which stands for family heritage division and my Facebook page is Cathy Winslow agent.

Adrian Schermer   14:23

Awesome and for our audience, you can also get links in the show description to get to Cathy’s site or to connect with Rob or I or Lance. Ashley. Thank you again for being our substitute Lance, you’re certainly more pleasant than he is, sorry, Lance.

Ashley Whaley   14:41

Thank you for having me.

Adrian Schermer   14:43

I don’t think he’ll take that as an answer.

Robert Delavan   14:44

And we have cathywinslow.com

Adrian Schermer   14:58

Yep, perfect, if you want to connect with us in person as always ROI-fa.com/events is the best place to find out what we’ve got going on. We’ve got sippin mingle events, where you can meet some folks that we love and hopefully you can become one of them as well maybe even be a guest on our show, learn and grow events, which have some sort of educational moments. Pretty similar to what we do here, we just bring on, you know, folks that we have feel moved by connected to and learn from their expertise and their given field. We’ve also got a summer bash coming up and some holiday photos. So check out our calendar. The events are added all the time and it’s just a great way to connect with the community and for us to connect with you. So thanks so much, everybody for joining us today. This is the last one in this series. So we’ll start something off new next week and we’re looking forward to it, thank you, guys.

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